About us

Since its establishment in 2001,  the company sets the highest standards of quality for itself.

This is a family-run business.  That’s why human relationships – from customer, supplier to employee – are very important  to us.

Many years of experience, a synthesis of handmade and state-of-the-art processing technologies, carefully selected and tested raw materials ensure the excellent quality of our products.

To meet our growing customer needs in 2018  we created brand SOMOS COMPONENTS.

The goal of the company is to design, manufacture and distribute wooden drawers and their accessories.

SOMOS Components offers a wide range of oak, walnut and beech wood drawers.  With classical (dove tail) or modern (finger joint) joints that underline the uniqueness of your products.

We meet the needs of even the most demanding clients.  We will produce and deliver our products from unit to bulk (as we currently produce over 5000 pcs per month in 2019), on time and to the highest quality standard.  We will also design and manufacture custom products tailored to your individual needs.